All UAB majors are eligible to compete for entrance to this unique program.

The Collat Professional Sales Certificate allows students to enhance their interpersonal communication skills in a business environment and distinguish themselves as committed professionals in sales and customer service, a competitive advantage in the job market. The certificate course requires course work and out-of-class activities, and is officially recognized on transcripts upon graduation.

Admission Criteria and Application

FAQ - UAB Professional Sales Certificate 

Sales Certificate Course Requirements

  • Sales Management
  • Professional Selling Principles
  • Advanced Selling (Negotiation, Technology, Job Shadowing, etc.)
  • Course covering industry structure (ex, Intro to Distribution, financial markets, etc)

Networking & Internship Opportunities

Networking events allow students contact with business partners before graduation. The networking opportunities help socialize the students and let businesses get to know the students before traditional job interviews.

Internships are very important for students with little professional experience. As an urban university, some students are already working in professional sales settings, and therefore will not require an internship. For the remainder of the students, internships focusing on sales are available on a year-round basis.



John Hansen

John Hansen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
(205) 996-2069
Office: CSB 283

Mike Wittmann

Mike Wittmann, Ph.D.
Professor / Chair
(205) 934-1271
Office: CSB 257-C