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The Professional Sales Program within the Collat School of Business focuses on the fundamentals of professional selling and the professionalization of the field. Students learn what a career in professional selling entails and refine the skills necessary for success through application-based learning.

  • Open to all UAB students interested in selling.
  • No pre-requisites required for entering the program.
  • Four-course curriculum requirement can be customized with one agreed upon elective.
  • All faculty members teaching in the program have relevant, real-world experience.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with role-playing technology provide an ideal learning environment.
  • Prime location in the state’s largest business center provides valuable interaction with industry.
  • Advanced Selling course meets the Experiential Learning Requirement for Collat business degrees.

Who can benefit from the program?

  • Current business students (e.g., an accounting major who needs to attract future clients).
  • Current UAB students with majors outside of business (e.g., a kinesiology major who wants to open a future practice).
  • Individuals who have no sales training but have moved into positions where selling is required.
  • Individuals interested in a career in sales.


The Professional Sales Program requires the completion of four courses. In addition to the three courses shown below, students must complete an agreed upon elective.

Professional Selling (MK 330)

Professional Selling is the introductory course in the sales curriculum. This course focuses on the fundamentals of professional selling and the professionalization of the field. Students refine their oral communication skills through extensive in-class role playing.

Emerging Topics in Professional Selling (MK 423)

Emerging Topics in Professional Selling is a module-based course that focuses on relevant selling topics. This course introduces students to these topics while focusing on the skills necessary for success as it relates to each topic. Topics may include, but are not limited to, inside selling, virtual selling, social selling, team-based selling, strategic account management, customer relationship management (CRM) software utilization, and sales negotiations.

Advanced Selling (MK 425)

Advanced Selling focuses on the changing nature of sales and mastery of the sales process. This course allows students to further develop their written and oral communications skills, questioning and listening skills, and problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students interact heavily with industry practitioners while completing in-class role plays.

Sales Internship (not required, but encouraged)

Although not required, students are also encouraged to seek out sales internships as they are very important for students with little professional experience. These internships are available on a year-round basis. The internship counts for academic credit and can be used to fulfill the elective requirement.


Admission Criteria and Application


John Hansen, Ph.D.

John Hansen, Ph.D.

(205) 996-2069
Office: CSB 283

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Mike Wittmann, Ph.D.

Mike Wittmann, Ph.D.

Professor / Chair
(205) 934-1271
Office: CSB 257-C

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