Required Courses for the Coordinated
MBA-MPH Program


P.U.H. Core - 16 hours

MCH 610

Introduction to Public Health

EPI   600

Introduction to Epidemiology

ENH  600

Introduction to Environmental
Health Sciences

HB   600

Introduction to Health Behavior

BST  600

Biostatistics I (4 hours)

Health Care Organization - 18 hours

HCO 601

Health Economics

HCO 603

Public Health Policy

HCO 612

Strategic Management
in Health Programs

HCO 720

Strategic Insurance
and Managed Care

HCO Elective

Elective (6 Hours)

Internships(3 hours)
HCO 697

Perceptorship in Health Care
Organization & Policy(Internship)
Integrative Experience   (3 hours)
PUH 690

The Public Health
Integrative Experience

M.B.A. Courses

MBA 609

Financial Accounting for

MBA 610

Financial Analysis & Reporting for Management

MBA 611

Management Information

MBA 620

Corporate Finance

MBA 630

Social, Ethical, Legal Environment

MBA 632

Managerial Processes &
Organizational Behavior *

MBA 633

Operations Management *

MBA 634

Business Strategy

MBA 641

Macroeconomic Analysis &
Decision Making

MBA 650

Modern Marketing Concepts *

MBA 651

Seminar in Marketing Policy

MBA 661

Quantitative Methods II
(Operations Research)

One of the Following:

MBA 624

International Financial

MBA 635

International Business Policy

MBA 654

International Marketing

Total 79 hours

36 hours is minimum required for the MBA program (the exact combination of courses depends on background and educational experience)
* May be waived.

For details, contact: Graduate School of Management, School of Business, Room 210, 1150 10th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35294-4460 (telephone 205-934-8817); and Department of Health Care Organization and Policy, UAB School of Public Health, Ryals Public Health Building, 1665 University Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35294-2010 (telephone 205-934-3748).