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  • Janet Herring

    "My personal goal is to foster the confidence that students can learn that they have the power to go on and achieve their career goals."

    -Collat Alumnae Janet Herring

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  • Paul Zani

    “I see great mentoring happening – innovative thinking and a sense of community, a focus on helping students find their purpose, figure out what they’re good at, and learn how to think. I find that worthy of investment.”

    -Collat Alumnus Paul Zani

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  • IL

    “Claude and I hope this lab will cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of UAB, and be an economic driver for our community and our state.”

    -Kate Nielsen

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  • Chad Hagwood

    “I think if people want to leave a lasting impact certainly giving to UAB Collat School of Business is something that bears a direct and positive fruit on their lives and the lives of other people.”

    -Collat Alumnus Chad Hagwood

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  • Ron McAbee

    “If the school hadn’t given me the education it gave me, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be able to give back.”

    -Collat Alumnus Ron McAbee

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  • Wells Fargo

    “Supporting UAB is a long-term investment in the future of our city and will prepare UAB students to become the leaders of tomorrow."

    - Leigh Collier, Wells Fargo Mid-South Region President

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  • Kenny Wolfe

    "Kristen is a tremendous resource for the ID Program and I am glad that we can acknowledge her for all that she does for the program and all of its students.”

    - Collat Alumnus Kenny Wolfe referring to Industrial Distribution Program Manager and Advisor Kristen Craig

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