• Paul Zani

    “I see great mentoring happening – innovative thinking and a sense of community, a focus on helping students find their purpose, figure out what they’re good at, and learn how to think. I find that worthy of investment.”

    -Collat Alumnus Paul Zani

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  • IL

    “Claude and I hope this lab will cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of UAB, and be an economic driver for our community and our state.”

    -Kate Nielsen

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  • Ron McAbee

    “If the school hadn’t given me the education it gave me, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be able to give back.”

    -Collat Alumnus Ron McAbee

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  • Janet Herring

    "My personal goal is to foster the confidence that students can learn that they have the power to go on and achieve their career goals."

    -Collat Alumnae Janet Herring

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  • Chad Hagwood

    “I think if people want to leave a lasting impact certainly giving to UAB Collat School of Business is something that bears a direct and positive fruit on their lives and the lives of other people.”

    -Collat Alumnus Chad Hagwood

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  • Wells Fargo

    “Supporting UAB is a long-term investment in the future of our city and will prepare UAB students to become the leaders of tomorrow."

    - Leigh Collier, Wells Fargo Mid-South Region President

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  • Kenny Wolfe

    "Kristen is a tremendous resource for the ID Program and I am glad that we can acknowledge her for all that she does for the program and all of its students.”

    - Collat Alumnus Kenny Wolfe referring to Industrial Distribution Program Manager and Advisor Kristen Craig

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Facilities & Technology Fund

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The Collat School of Business’ number one priority is to secure funding for new facilities and technology that provide our students, faculty and staff with the resources they need to be successful. Through this fund, the school seeks to invest in better facilities and technology that will provide the following benefits:

  • Attract high-quality students, faculty, and employers to recruit and hire our students.
  • Enhance our ability to educate students through optimizing leading-edge technology. 
  • Engage more alumni and business leaders through growth in executive education.
  • Enhance faculty, staff and student interactions.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation leading to commercialization and economic development opportunities.
  • Promote collaboration in areas of Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Leadership Fund

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The school’s Leadership Fund enables the Collat School of Business to meet its most pressing needs, support special projects that keep the school in the forefront of business education while developing strong leaders in business. Gifts support strategic initiatives like scholarships to attract and assist exceptional students needing financial assistance, recruit and retain high caliber faculty, develop and enhance curriculum and programs, and infuse entrepreneurship and innovation into programs and activities.

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