The UAB Center for Sales Leadership in the Collat School of Business fosters the study of professional selling and provides unique opportunities for students to receive education and training in advanced selling practices. We advance sales performance through education, research, and outreach to the business community.


Our highly selective sales certificate program draws an exceptionally motivated and diverse student base from a variety of majors. Students receive leading edge instruction as well as practical experience. All students complete a portfolio of professional selling, sales management and advanced selling courses. Most students also complete a sales internship.


We help companies address their most challenging sales problems by employing various methods to identify and research factors that may undermine sales force effectiveness, and identify solutions based on best practices. Our research has focused on a variety of issues, from the culture of the sales organization to predicting sales in potential new markets. We work with companies to utilize existing databases or to create new measurement tools as needed.


We educate sales professionals from all backgrounds on the very best practices. We coordinate workshops and seminars for existing sales forces within partnering companies, and we tailor sales certificate programs in advanced sales techniques to meet their specific needs. The center connects companies and sales professionals with accomplished researchers and educators who can provide the sales training needed to improve their sales processes and, ultimately, their bottom line. Our outreach is an investment both in our business community and in the future of the sales profession.


Mike Wittmann

Mike Wittmann, Ph.D
Professor / Chair
(205) 934-1271
Office: CSB 257-C

John Hansen

John Hansen, Ph.D.
(205) 996-2069
Office: CSB 283

Ken Miller

Ken Miller, MBA, Ed.D
Executive Director, MBA Program
(205) 934-8855
Office: CSB 207-B