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What Students Need to Know About Canvas

Will my class be in the Canvas or Blackboard learning management system?

All Collat School of Business classes will be in the Canvas learning management system.

How do I access Canvas?

There are a few ways you can access Canvas.

  1. Use the direct link at
  2. Login to BlazerNET and select the Canvas button on the right.
  3. Go to and select Canvas from the Quicklinks on the right.

When will I see my classes in Canvas?

Your instructor may choose to make the class available as early as 10 days before the beginning of class. If your course will be available early, you should receive an email from your instructor. Otherwise, the course will appear in Canvas on the first day of class. If your class is NOT listed in Canvas on the first day of class, contact Canvas technical support (information below).

How do I use Canvas?

1. For a tour of the Canvas interface and introduction, view this 4 minute Canvas Overview video

2. For more details on specific tools, view the videos listed below. For each video, there is also a script and a captioned video.

a.      Assignment Overview [02:00]

b.      Submitting Assignments [02:56]

c.       Quizzes  [04:02]

d.      Grades [02:43]

e.      Communication [03:43]

f.        Discussions [03:57]

g.      Groups [03:04]

3. Additional videos are available on the UAB Online Canvas Student Video Guide site.

Additionally, the UAB Online Canvas Success Site has several guides, student resources, and other tips for being a successful online student.

How do I contact technical support?

1. If you’re in Canvas, click on the Help link in the top right corner. Then select your preferred mode of communication (live chat, call, submit a ticket, search the Canvas Guides, etc).

2. If you are not in Canvas a. Call (855) 778-9969 b. Live Chat, File a Ticket, Search the Canvas Guides, or Request a Feature on the Canvas Help site.

Canvas Accessibility Statement

Canvas adheres to US Section 508 accessibility standards, and is committed to the Web Accessibility Initiative's (WAI) guidelines for content (WCAG) and rich internet applications (ARIA). 

Canvas Privacy Statement