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Note: Students and faculty should initially contact Canvas technical support (via the Help link in Canvas or 855-778-9969) for assistance with Canvas technical issues.

The Collat School of Business Instructional Design Department collaborates with faculty in the development and enhancement of quality online instruction focusing on learning theories, pedagogy, best practices, and emerging technologies for active and engaging learning experiences that meet the needs of today’s learners.

Kirkland Randi

Randi Kirkland, MAE
Instructional Design Specialist, Senior
(205) 996-4314
Office: BEC 208-A
Randi's role

Jonathan McNair

Jonathan McNair, MS.
Media Producer and Technologist
Collat School of Business Canvas Administrator
(205) 975-4246
Office: BEC 208-D 
Jonathan's role

Randi collaborates with faculty members in the development of new and the revision of existing online courses. She performs Quality Matters (QM) audits to ensure Quality Matters standards and best practices are followed. She also facilitates an online training course for instructors who plan to teach online for the first time at the Collat School of Business. Additionally, she works with faculty to ensure their courses are ready to go live each semester. Contact Randi for help with loading and designing online course content.

Jonathan collaborates with online faculty for developing professional media content for online courses to include:  studio and on location video production and delivery. He also serves as the Canvas Administrator for faculty providing technical support regarding the use of Canvas and other instructional technologies. Contact Jonathan for help with media in your online courses and issues unresolved by Canvas within 24 hours. He also copies over online course shells in Canvas from one semester to the next. To request an online course shell to be copied, complete and email the Course Copy Form to Jonathan.

Suggestions Wanted

Tell us about it! Do you want to discuss a specific topic regarding online instruction? Do you want to present your teaching strategies or technologies? How can we improve?