See where some of our recent business graduates are heading and how the Collat School of Business helped them get there.  

Caleb Davenport

Caleb Davenport

  BS in Economics
Hometown:  Murfreesboro, TN
Employer:  Protective Life Insurance
Position:  Annuities Analyst

What helped you most in landing the job? UAB's unique culture allowed me to work in tandem with attending school. I was afforded a wealth of experience from which to pull from that most students going to standard 4 year colleges could not compete with. While they had potential, I had extremely unique experience that was measurable and relevant.

Most influential professor: Dr. Anthony Hood gave me a unique opportunity to work with him in his Executive Strategy class. By working to improve the class, the opportunity gave me experience equivalent to a consulting internship and his kind words recommending me played no small part in landing the position I have now.

Lisa Belter

Lisa BelterMajor:  BS in Information Systems
Hometown:  Grew up in Ohio, currently live in Covington, LA, but always felt like Birmingham was "home" after living there for 6 years.
Employer:  US Department of Agriculture, National Finance Center
Position:  IT Specialist.  I work on a large personnel and payroll system that supports approximately a third of the civilian federal workforce.

What aspect of your Collat experience helped you most in landing this job? I was already working for USDA/NFC upon my return to UAB a year and a half ago. I believe my prior education in UAB's computer science department provided me with a great foundation to work as a programmer/analyst and Collat supplemented the business and management aspects of my career. 

Most influential professor:  I was a little nervous about coming back to college after a long break. QM 215 was one of the courses I had to take in order to complete my degree and I was even more nervous about getting through that class when my last statistics course was back in the early 2000s. The many information packed videos prepared by Dr. Xuan Huang were top notch. I still rave about those to other students and others who inquire about my degree progression. I learned more about statistics and helped correct some of my earlier confusion on the subject; but, I also got excited about how I could use statistical methods professionally. This early success in my return to UAB helped build my confidence to get through the many courses that followed.


Malik Pegeas

Malik Pegeas

Hometown:  Richmond, VA
Employer:  Deloitte LLP
Position:  Audit Intern

What helped most in securing this internship? I would have to say the faculty/staff, Career Services, and the ample amount of resources I had access to allowed me to obtain my internship with Deloitte. I utilized everything from resume help to mock interview prep that Career Services offers and it really makes a difference.

Most influential professor:  Professor Nabors, hands down. He’s helped me through many situations, from school to job recruitment, and I appreciate all of the guidance he’s offered since I’ve started at UAB.

Misty Williams

Misty WilliamsMajor:  BS Finance, Financial Management Concentration
Hometown:  Homewood, AL
Employer:  Cobbs Allen
Position:  Staff Accountant

What aspect of your Collat experience helped most in landing this job? I would have to say that serving as president of the Financial Management Association, UAB Chapter was directly linked to me landing this position. When Dr. Ryan Davis, our faculty adviser, introduced me to the CFO of Cobbs Allen, it was a perfect example of FMA in action! FMA is a student-run organization that provides opportunities to network, learn about industry careers, and practice leadership skills (among other things); it's essentially a resource to help students transition from college to career. I am looking forward to seeing many more students benefit from FMA.

Most Influential Professor:  It is really tough for me to pick only one professor. As a non-traditional student, my college education spans a period of 17 years, and there was a large gap in the middle of that time period.  Many professors (like Dr. Davis) have significantly influenced the direction of my education and career choices, but there was something really special about Dr. Joe Walker. He was interesting and unique, and had a way of explaining finance so that it not only made sense, but also was fascinating. To this day, the way Dr. Walker taught Fundamentals of Financial Management is fresh in my mind. I still use the exact same calculator I had in his class.


Charles Sullivan

Charles SullivanDegree:  MBA
Hometown:  Birmingham, AL
Employer:  Regions Bank
Position:  Business Systems Analyst, Private Wealth Group. Prior to my recent promotion, I was employed by Regions during my time in the MBA program as a branch performance analyst for Consumer Services.

Most beneficial aspect of Collat experience:  The use of case studies in each class to analyze and apply the learned material was the most beneficial part of my experience in Collat. Anyone can learn and regurgitate what is read in the text, but applying that text to real world cases takes critical thinking and fosters a deeper understanding of the key concepts. Case studies were used in every course I took and I value them the most because I have taken that thought process into my daily work at Regions. This enhanced my performance and value proposition to my organization.  

Most influential professor:  Dr. Powers was the most influential professor I had during my MBA. His method of lecture and course work supported case studies and real applicable lessons. His background in the auto industry was helpful not only for anecdotal quips, but he was able to breakdown the concepts into manageable pieces which made the foundation strong as we built onto the course with more complex thought.

Jonathan Pilgrim

Jonathan Pilgrim

 Industrial Distribution, Concentration in Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution
Hometown:  Memphis, TN
Plans after graduation:  Attend graduate school in the coordinated Master of Science in Health Administration & Master of Business Administration (MBA/MSHA) program at UAB.

Most beneficial aspect of UAB experience:  The leadership and strategic management training I was provided with in the Collat Business Honors Program has thoroughly prepared me for both graduate school and my professional career in healthcare administration.

Most influential professor:  I have had many outstanding professors during my time in the Collat School of Business, but the one who made the most impact on me was professor Steve Yoder, the Program Director of the Collat Business Honors Program. Professor Yoder’s knowledge about and passion for ethical leadership has embedded in me the desire to become a leader in my future organization and has equipped me with the tools to better myself as a leader.