laptopA researcher from the UAB's Department of Management, Information Systems and Quantitative Methods recently published a paper on the innovation potential of businesses’ using open source software communities.

The paper, from Paul Di Gangi, Ph.D., assistant professor of information systems, and titled “Balancing on a tightrope: Managing the boundaries of a firm-sponsored OSS community and its impact on innovation and absorptive capacity,” was published in the January issue of Information and Organization.

Di Gangi’s research explores a qualitative analysis of a firm called eZ systems and its successfully sponsored OSS community, eZ Publish, and develops a theoretical model depicting how the management of a firm-sponsored OSS community influences both the community’s innovation capacity and the firm’s ability to recognize the value of new information and apply it to its organizational benefit.

Information and Organization seeks to publish important discoveries in information and communication technologies that are associated with a wide and increasing range of social consequences.