Logo Sales Foundation Top ListingThe Sales Education Foundation (SEF) announces the release of their 2014 list of Top University Sales Programs, highlighting Collat’s Professional Sales Certificate Program as one of the top programs preparing and placing top talent for professional selling careers. 

Collat’s Professional Sales Certificate program, a competitive program that accepts students from all disciplines across UAB, is designed to provide advanced business-to-business sales skills and teach the latest tools and trends in professional selling.  The certificate consists of 20-hours of coursework ranging from Principles of Marketing to Advanced Selling, and emphasizes hands-on learning including internships and professional development activities.  

Since its inception in 2008, over 100 students have graduated from the program.  Dr. John Hansen, marketing professor and director of Collat’s Center for Sales Leadership, notes that “Program graduates are in demand for two primary reasons. First, they are less likely to quit as they know better what a career in professional sales entails. Second, and more importantly, they are more likely to sell better faster given the training they receive in the program. In other words, they are more productive.” Approximately 50% of all graduates with a business degree will enter the workforce in a sales-oriented role.  Students with a sales education ramp up 50% faster and turnover 30% less than their non-sales educated peers.

Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Sales Education Foundation, noted that companies have an increased focus on partnering with university sales programs, “With a proven track record for producing top sales talent, the future of university sales education is brighter than ever.”

For information on partnerships with Collat’s Center for Sales Leadership contact Dr. John Hansen by email of phone (205)996-2069.   To learn more about the growing sales education space, contact the Sales Education Foundation at (800)776-4436 or visit www.salesfoundation.org

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