Collat Faculty and StaffThe faculty and staff of the Collat School of Business have displayed a standard of giving that is exactly what The Campaign for UAB is all about, working together to make UAB the best.

The Collat School of Business launched an internal push to gain as much participation in its faculty and staff campaign as possible and, within only months of setting that goal, reached 99 percent participation.

This impressive feat is the result of a carefully organized effort between the school’s three departments and the dean’s office. Members of each department volunteered to serve as liaisons.

The initiative began with an inspirational lead gift of $100,000 by Eric P. Jack, Ph.D., dean of the Collat School of Business, and his wife, Ave. Dr. Jack says it was imperative that he be the first one in line to give as much as he could toward the campaign.

“Today, authentic leaders must lead by example. At this stage in our lives, my wife and I are indeed very fortunate to be in a great position to give back. We have both been very blessed and fortunate to receive a good education where we have also benefited tremendously from our relationships with many teachers. This is really why we both teach,” Jack says. “This is why I chose to give a leadership gift that has inspired our entire faculty and staff to contribute more than $215,000.

Eddie Nabors, instructor in the Department of Accounting and Finance, followed Jack’s lead with a significant gift of $25,000, citing the importance of giving back to a place that is more than a work setting. “To most of our faculty and staff, these are not just jobs, but a way of giving something to our students and community,” Nabors says. “My wife and I have always tried to give back part of what we have been blessed with and UAB is very important to us. Also, I am the faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honorary society, and I feel very strongly about the organization and the benefits it provides.”

Nabors’s gift is the lead gift in a campaign to raise funds for a room named for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) in the new building. “I hope this will provide some momentum to generate other gifts,” he says. “I see the room as a source of pride for BAP members and alumni and, hopefully, a way to renew some old acquaintances.”

Arline Savage, Ph.D., director of the master of accounting program, served as a liaison and also remarked on the importance of giving back. “As the saying goes, ‘Put your money where your mouth is.’ I believe we did that. We had an amazing percent contribution rate.” Savage adds that she volunteered because philanthropy enhances the school’s ability to offer high-quality business education to students.

Plus, the outpouring of support from within the school shows donors in the community that the faculty and staff believe in UAB. “If the faculty and staff are not willing to contribute, how can we expect our donors to do so?” Savage says.

Thomas L. Powers, Ph.D., a professor of marketing who also served as a liaison, said the enthusiasm of the faculty and staff was inspiring. “I worked with the faculty of our department to encourage participation. I had a very easy job, as faculty were incredibly enthusiastic about the campaign and anxious to contribute. In fact, as I approached several people they then took it upon themselves to promote the campaign to others.”

By giving so significantly, the faculty and staff of the Collat School of Business will inspire outside donors to give even more toward The Campaign for UAB.

Jack adds, “While we in the Collat School of Business have a great story to tell potential donors, our ability to secure leadership gifts does increase significantly when these donors learn that our entire faculty and staff are also personally invested in this campaign and we are asking our donors to join us to help transform our school by giving something to change everything.”

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