Everyone can agree that cookies are the universal currency of happiness, but this isn’t your grandmother’s baking. Reagan Lyle, owner of ReaBakes, wants to flip the script on the traditional sugar cookie. And at 24, she’s off to a tasty start.

A recent Collat graduate (MK ’16), Reagan is one of the many Collat entrepreneurs that have used UAB’s cutting-edge education to propel their business forward, marrying in-class education with real-life application.

ReaBakes, a one-person cookie operation led by Reagan, was born in 2013 after Reagan set a goal of learning a new skill: perfecting the sugar cookie. “I really wanted to learn how to make [cookies],” she says with a laugh. “There was a lot of trial and error.”

ReaBakes InstagramSome of ReaBakes creations posted on InstagramThe cookies range from baby showers, weddings, holiday designs (which Reagan says are her “personal favorite”) and everything in-between. No matter the design, each cookie still has the quintessential ReaBakes charm.

Although her recipe may be a secret, her success is not. ReaBakes boasts a staggering 3k followers on Instagram and a stream of online orders that keeps her busy.

While in school, she focused on preparing orders for friends and family while she completed her undergraduate career. Now, after her recent graduation in December 2016, she will be focused fully on cookie creation.

Luckily for Collat Marketing and Economics Advisor Brittany Quinn, Reagan was able to provide cookies for Brittany’s gender reveal celebration for the new addition to her family.

They became close after Reagan came in for an advising appointment. “I require all my students to come in and meet with me before they register for classes. That way we can understand their goals and what they want to do.”

Particularly, Brittany focuses on career goals during the advising session. She was struck by Reagan’s interest in baking. “She said she wanted to bake cookies, and I thought that was so interesting.” Brittany has been a dedicated follower ever since.

ReaBakesReagan Lyle of ReaBakes (left) and Brittany Quinn, Collat Academic Advisor (right)For her gender reveal celebration, Brittany reached out to Reagan to create cookies that contained a color - pink or blue – that when broken apart, revealed the gender of her child. They were blue.

“I think it’s important to show students that we support them,” Brittany says. “And the cookies were delicious.”

Although Reagan has enjoyed success with her business, she says she wants to continue working from home, where she is able to work at her own pace surrounded by her family. For now, she’s content without opening up a shop.

For Reagan, cookies aren’t just a simple treat. She wants to make sure each cookie she makes comes from the heart (and taste great, too).