The Collat School of Business has a new student organization focused on business ethics. The UAB Student Center for the Public Trust chapter hosted a kick-off meeting in January to launch the new organization.

The chapter will be part of the National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Center for the Public Trust (CPT) organization and strengthens UAB’s ability to provide students ethical business knowledge and tactics.

CPT, a non-profit organization, helps current and future business leaders earn the public’s trust through ethical business principles and actions. In addition, the CPT offers student leadership conferences, ethics resources, professional seminars and business ethics competitions.

Through the chapter, UAB students will be able to participate in CPT’s Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP), an ethics certification that teaches students to recognize ethical pitfalls in business before encountering them in their career. The certification includes online training that supplements in-class assignments.

For more information, contact faculty advisor Maria Athienitis.