Financial Management AssociationFMA event with guest speakers Jonathan Hollingsworth, Investment Advisory Consultant (left) and David Lutomsky, Investment analyst (right). Braxton Barnwell became the president of the UAB Financial Management Association (FMA) in the fall of 2018 and soon established five other students committed as officers. Since then, the organization has seen a tremendous amount of growth with over forty new student members.

This spring, the organization has hosted several events with guest speakers from the business community and participated in EquitySim, an investment portfolio simulation, with two members placing in the top 10 of 400 student investment portfolios.

FMA, along with fifteen other business student organizations, play an important role in the overall student experience at the Collat School of Business by providing an opportunity for students to network with professionals in their chosen career field, meet other like-minded students, and utilize their newly acquired skills serving in leadership roles within the organization.

“I’m very glad that I joined the FMA last semester,” says Finance student Thuy Tran. “I really love the way that we have high-power and very experienced guest speakers at every meeting so other members and myself have the opportunity to network and connect through similar interests in the business field.”

Student Org rm 450Student Organization Room in the new Collat School of Business building.The new building for the Collat School of Business includes a dedicated space for business student organizations to hold meetings and events. Each organizations has an individual locker provided for convenient storage.

Although most of the events hosted by student organizations are open to any student, the school encourages all business students to join at least one student organization. A list of business student organizations can be found here. And several organization stories by student members can be found on Instagram.

FMA is hosting an event on April 16th with guest speaker Joey Azar, Managing Director of Investments at Shannon Waltchack. The event will kick-off at 7:45pm in the Collat School of Business, room 301. All UAB students are welcome to attend.