Sophia Ngo and Amanda Boggan from One Stone at 2019 Spring Research ExpoA team of students taking the MG 405: Nonprofit Strategies and Entrepreneurship course spring semester won first place in the Service Learning category at the 2019 Spring Research Expo for their project Life of a Blank, a nonprofit initiative to provide a hub for sewing activities that promote empowerment, education and economic opportunities.

Competing with three other teams in their class,Team One Stone also earned the top spot as part of their class final that included presenting to a panel of fifteen judges and the Class Client, Bib & Tucker Sew-Op, with the program director and a member of their Board of Directors. Team One Stone is comprised of students Sophia Ngo, Ravin King, Drew Davis and Amanda Boggan, first student to complete the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate.

Adding to the excitement, just after their presentation, Team One Stone was informed that aspects of their project will be implemented beginning the following week with a portion of a $12,000 grant recently received by Bib & Tucker Sew Op.

Led by Collat adjunct professor Annetta Dolowitz, the MG 405 course takes students on the journey form a promising program idea through the steps necessary to create a viable strategic plan for the program’s business model. Students work in teams with a local nonprofit organization (NPO) start-up, or established NPO, to perform a strategic analysis of the current business model and suggest improvements or next steps for the NPO.

“This group is special because they won their final in class with fifteen judges voting unanimously as winners.” said Dolowitz.

This win marks Dolowitz’s sixth team to be recognized for their service-learning efforts out of eight semesters participating in the student expo.