UAB American Marketing Association

Our UAB Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has been recognized as the MOST
OUTSTANDING STUDENT ORGANIZATION at UAB!  This is a truly remarkable achievement for our great students.

The leaders and members of this group have done a FANTASTIC job this year.  Their accomplishments in national competitions (AMA and American Collegiate Retailing Association) and in community service (Children’s Literacy and so much more) this past year earned them this campus-wide honor.

I have never before seen a student organization like our current AMA group achieve so much.  They set their sights very high last spring.  They told us that they were going to be the best AMA organization that our state has ever seen.  And, because of their very hard work and their very cooperative but competitive make-up, they achieved their lofty goals.  The students have grown so very much as leaders.   These are some our School’s students who have been so important to the AMA’s success.  We are extremely proud of them!

Amy Musick, Dave Karr, Patrick Tatum, Amber Atkins, James Oliveira,Katie Mozingo

Christy Lewis, Nisha Patel, Morgan Stone, Amy Warren, Caroline Smith, Courtney Harris              

Dr. Lauren Skinner served as the AMA’s advisor and she has been very instrumental to the organization’s success.


Bob Robicheaux

Marshall Scholar, Professor & Chairman

Marketing & Industrial Distribution

UAB School of Business BEC 219-C

1150 10th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL  35294