Johnston, Ph.D., an assistant professor, has received excellent evaluations and accolades from students and administrators regarding his effectiveness in the classroom since his arrival at UAB. His teaching evaluations consistently rank among the highest at UAB and within his discipline. Johnston is responsible for planning, developing and implementing two new courses, Digital Forensics and Programming Logic, which previously were not offered at UAB. He’s developing the new course Social Media and Virtual Communities in Business for spring. Johnston also is known for integrating technologies into the classroom that have been underutilized, including “clicker” technology in the Introduction to Business course to better engage first-year students. He also uses numerous social media technologies, including Sharepoint, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

One former student praised Johnston for assisting him and another student in finding a job. “He met with us during office hours, outside office hours and still has extended an invitation to help us in any way possible to ensure that we have the opportunity to launch a successful career. I have never met an individual that was more dedicated, passionate and loyal in the investment of others than Dr. Johnston.”

Congratulations Dr. Johnston! You are indeed a valuable asset to our students, the School of Business, and UAB!