Nineteen undergraduate business students were selected to participate in the School of Business Honors Program beginning this Spring semester.  This cohort will graduate in 2011.

The School of Business Honors Program is designed to provide talented and motivated students with additional dimensions in their learning, both in substance and in learning methods.

The substantive focus of the program is leadership.  Students take BUS 300, “Introduction to Leadership,” in the first semester of the three-semester program.  This course, taught by Honors Program Director Stephen A. Yoder, J.D., reflects the evolution of leadership studies, from a focus on the traits and characteristics and styles of “great leaders”, to a more relationship-perspective such as “followership” and the nature of the relationship between leaders and followers.

Students in the Honors Program also enroll in BUS 495, “Strategic Leadership: Hearing it From the CEOs.”  In this course taught annually by Professor Yoder and by Professor Eddie Friend, students have a unique opportunity to hear about strategic management straight from CEOs or former CEOs of public companies.  Friend has taught the course for several years, having created it along with former School of Business Dean Bob Holmes.

The final course in the three-course series of the Honors Program is an independent study project in leadership.  Projects can take the form of a traditional written thesis or a less traditional form such as a survey explained in an oral presentation.  Participants receive considerable experience in oral and written communications over the course of their three semesters in the program.

The students in the 2011 Cohort have a  variety of majors (many have double majors), with Accounting being the most-represented major (nine students).   Other majors include Finance, Industrial Distribution, Economics, and Communications Management.  Three participants are varsity athletes (men’s soccer, women’s tennis and baseball).

Most of the students went to high school in Alabama, but the Netherlands, Moldava, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana and Georgia are also counted among the countries and states that they call or once called home.

All of the students have excellent academic records.  Their average grade point average in School of Business courses is 3.79.  All of the students came highly recommended by one or more faculty members as well.  Several are also members of University-level honors programs such as the University Honors Program and the Global and Community Leadership Honors Program.

Drayton Nabors Visits with School of Business Honors Students

Dr. Neal Berte Speaks to Business Honors Students on Servant Leadership


The 2011 Cohort of the School of Business Honors Program


Left to Right: Andrei Fana (Finance), Robert Timmerman (Accounting), Christopher Pendergraft (Accounting and Finance), Zach Smith (Accounting and Finance), Daniel Fortenberry (Accounting and Information Systems), Ryan Woolley (Communications Management), Courtney Foster (Industrial Distribution), Jennifer Allen (Industrial Distribution – Medical), Garrett Jeffreys (Accounting), Stephanie Cunningham (Accounting), Krish Varma (Economics and Spanish), Evelien Strijker (Accounting), Kate Jarrett (Finance). Niki Maladkar (Industrial Distribution - Medical), Eric Klacik (Economics and Finance), John Murray (Finance), Daniel Phillips (Economics), Adam Arnold (Accounting), Tucker Stone (Economics).