Birmingham Business Journal quotes Professor Lary Cowart in their article The Green House Effect which covers environmentally friendly residential building in Alabama.


Excerpt from the article which is a read only for BBJ subscribers-


Lary Cowart, assistant professor of accounting and finance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Business, says younger consumers have been shown to be more interested in big-ticket green design and energy-efficient durable goods. “They may expect to get back more of the benefit than older consumers” he said.

Cowart said he suspects areas like California might be more receptive to the green movement than other areas of the country- even though he noted homes in the Midwest and South might benefit more from green building due to long-term energy savings related to their variable climates.


He said tax credit incentives encouraging green building will likely lead to more interest- especially if they offset the costs of building environmentally friendly structures. “Of course, some people will be willing to pay more today simply because they believe it to be the right thing to do for the earth now, and the well being of future generations,” he said.