More than 50 UAB School of Business MBA alumni, faculty and students attended our most recent MBA alumni chapter breakfast on Thursday, March 25, 2010 at the Commons on the Green.  HeathSouth President and Chief Executive Officer, Jay Grinney discussed how he has led the efforts to turn around HealthSouth since he came in May of 2004.  Today, HealthSouth manages 93 hospitals in 26 states and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Grinney also spoke about the health care bill and how it could drive up costs for insurance companies and their employees.  "It's too early to know exactly what will happen, but there will be unintended consequences of this health reform bill.  What Congress has done is take away the only leverage insurance companies had to make money -- refusing care to those with preexisting conditions, or rescinding care," Grinney said. "By forcing insurers to have to provide coverage to 30 million people, they will make up for that by raising prices on the rest of us."

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