As graduates of the Professional Sales Certificate (PSC) program, we want to inform other UAB students that the PSC offers students a means to distinguish themselves as committed professionals in sales and customer service regardless of their major. Students in the program gain a professional understanding of the sales process and customer relationship development.  Anyone pursuing a career in sales or wishing to enhance his/her interpersonal communication skills would benefit from the Sales Certificate. All majors from across UAB are eligible to compete for entrance into the program.

It’s been said that the ability to communicate effectively will be one of the major factors that an employer will look for when interviewing for a position at any level. The ability to present yourself and articulate what you want to say in a clear, concise, professional manner is just one of the many benefits that you will receive as you pursue your sales certificate.

As many of our professors have stated, “You will eventually sell – you just don’t know it yet”. The Professional Sales Certificate will provide that extra edge on your resume as graduates will likely find themselves expected to sell themselves or their company’s goods or services. The sales certificate can strengthen your credentials, get the attention of employers, and increase earning potential.

Another unique advantage of the certificate program is that it puts you in a group of like-minded students who are passionate about their future. You will inevitably become part of a cohesive group that works together to achieve common goals, participate in team activities, and genuinely support each other in your endeavors. You will always have someone that you can rely on for advice and help, to cheer you on as you pursue your career goals, or just to lend an ear.

For more information regarding the Professional Sales Certificate Program, contact Scott Watson, CFA  (205) 999-3977,  John Hansen, Ph.D (205) 996-2069 or Mike Wittmann, Ph.D. (205) 934-1271              


“My boss thinks our Professional Sales Program at UAB is the perfect match to what they are looking for in their future employees. I honestly can’t thank you enough for the preparation and foundation you gave me.”

-  Amy Musick, graduate of the Professional Sales Certificate Program, 2009 and employee of Cardinal Health in Chicago.


“The professional sales training that we have received through Miller Heimann has already begun to open doors to opportunities that I believe are directly related to those training sessions. Employers are actively looking for graduates and sales professionals who come ready to ‘hit the ground running’ in sales”.

-  Deb Sullivan, graduate of the Professional Sales Certificate Program