Energen_Group_Picture300Energen Corporation James McManus discussed his company’s strategy on November 2, 2010 with students in the combined undergraduate capstone and MBA class “Strategic Management: Hearing It From the CEOs.” Energen has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 25 years from its roots as Alabama Gas Company (which still accounts for approximately 15% of its business), to a major player in the U.S. domestic oil and gas exploration industry. For over the last decade, Mr. McManus was either CEO or head of the oil and gas exploration segment of the company. Energen is now the third largest publicly-traded company headquartered in Alabama, in terms of market capitalization.

Mr. McManus commented on his own path to leadership, from an accountant at the company’s independent public accounting firm to Chairman and CEO, by recommending that students maintain a “curious mind” wherever they might find themselves in their careers. He described how he, trained as an accountant, learned as much as he could about engineering and geology when he moved into the oil and gas segment of the company’s business.

Pictured left to right with Mr. McManus are students who made a presentation on Energen’sstrategy: Krish Varma, Christopher Brabson, Jenna Joaquin, JonathanMitchell, Mr. McManus, Tucker Stone, Dibya Thapa,Maddox Casey.