Biocryst_GroupJon Stonehouse, CEO of BioCryst Corporation since 2007, paid a return visit to the combined MBA and undergraduate capstone strategic management class on November 9, 2010. BioCryst was created over 25 years ago by researchers from UAB including Charles Bugg, Ph.D. Former UAB president J. Claude Bennett, Ph.D., a microbiologist, was chief operating officer of the company from 1996 to 2008, and attended the November 9 class with Mr. Stonehouse.

Mr. Stonehouse described BioCryst’s strategy as “high risk, but high reward,” noting that while it can cost up to $1 billion, and take up to ten years to introduce a new drug in the United States, such drugs can have very high profit margins for the drug company. BioCryst currently has drugs in various stages of development for the treatment of influenza, gout and certain types of cancer.