SavageA vibrant city providing culture, sports, and plenty of activities was just part of the reason that Dr. Grant Savage and his wife, Nancy, decided to move to Birmingham. The real draw for Dr. Savage was the opportunity to utilize his talents and interests in management and healthcare at UAB. “I was impressed by Dean Klock’s vision and interest in connecting with the medical center, and by the medical center’s reputation,” says Dr. Savage. “UAB offers the challenge to address a critical need of a research center that will connect business and medicine. Drawing together faculty from schools across campus to address emerging issues in healthcare and business will create value for the university and the community. The School of Business has an opportunity to really grow and become a valuable partner.

”Dr. Savage joined UAB School of Business in January 2011 as professor in the Department of Management, Information Systems, and Quantitative Methods and Co-Director of the Healthcare Leadership Academy.

In his new role, Dr. Savage will be engaged in creating a research center that will have the following impact:
  1. 1. Improve performance in both business and medical settings
  2. 2. Support innovation that drives successful change
  3. 3. Evaluate research and set the stage for future innovations
As Co-Director of the Healthcare Leadership Academy, Dr. Savage will draw on his knowledge of healthcare management to prepare the next generation of leaders within the UAB medical center.