KennedyDuring Fall 2010, the School of Business joined the University in a recruitment effort aimed at increasing international student enrollment. Dr. Brent Gage, Associate Provost for Enrollment, recognized this as an area of student growth for UAB. The focus was placed on areas that have a demand for an education from the U.S., but have not received much attention from other universities. Most of the areas identified are developing countries looking for ways to improve economic conditions, so business and engineering programs are in high demand including a significant interest in MBA programs.

“Increasing international student enrollment not only increases revenue for the university, but it adds diversity to the student body and programs,” says Dr. Karen Kennedy, Associate Dean of the School of Business. “UAB prides itself as one of the most diverse universities in the country, providing an invaluable global perspective in the classroom.

”Dr. Kennedy has traveled to Vietnam and Indonesia, and the embassies of Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, and has plans to recruit in Turkey this summer. Several students have already enrolled from these areas for the upcoming fall and spring terms. “We’ll be starting with small numbers until we build a community from these different countries,” Dr. Kennedy states, “but as we grow, student recruitment will be much easier and the impact will be greater.”