From UAB Commencement Speaker to UAB Employee:

SevanteSevante Metcalf, UAB MBA ’10, joins the School of Business as Instructor and Internship Coordinator.  Sevante will be developing and instructing undergraduate business courses offered in both traditional and online formats, and working with faculty, staff, students and business partners to grow the internship program. “Internships provide a priceless opportunity for students to gain a competitive edge when they graduate,” says Dr. Karen Kennedy, Associate Dean of UAB School of Business.  “UAB’s location allows us to provide a lot of advantages that other colleges are not able to offer, and we are primed to further enhance these valuable experiences.“

Sevante brings 10 years of experience with the State of Alabama- Department of Industrial Relations in conducting interviews and job assessments, and reviewing demand for job skills in relation to the job market outlook. Sevante has strong relationships with employers throughout Alabama, and was featured 3 times in the State Department newsletter for providing superior customer service.  He is a native Alabamian and attended UAB for his undergraduate (BA History ’99) and graduate (MBA ’10) degrees, and was invited to provide the UAB commencement speech in fall 2010.  Anyone looking for a little motivation should check it out- see video of commencement speech.

He was also recently involved in the production of an award-winning documentary, The Contradictions of Fair Hope, that sets the stage in rural Alabama, prior to Emancipation, and traces the development, struggles, contributions and gradual loss of tradition of one of the last remaining African American benevolent societies, known as “The Fair Hope Benevolent Society” in Uniontown, Alabama. Sevante conducted historical research and recruited participants (some from UAB) for on-screen interviews featured in the film, along with acting as the personal assistant to the film’s co-executive producer, Golden Globe winner, S. Epatha Merkerson. The documentary has been submitted for screening at the annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival that occurs in downtown Birmingham in August.  Sevante is married to Kendra Toles Metcalf and has two children, James (12) and Natalie (7).