Accounting student Meredith Burbank scored 5 offers from top firms, including 2 from the Big Four, during the highly competitive spring internship recruitment season for accounting. Plus, she already has a summer internship lined up with HealthSouth.  

To help prepare students for the highly competitive spring internship season, The UAB Collat School of Business held its inaugural UAB Ollie Powers Accounting Internship Bootcamp on August 13th, 2012.  Prior to the recruitment process, accounting recruiters were invited to campus to help students better understand what they can to do enhance their employability regarding internship positions.  

Meredith Burbank, UAB senior accounting student, attended the bootcamp and found hearing straight from the employers about what they are looking for was “very helpful” in preparing for the recruitment process.  On September 21st, “first offer date”, Meredith received 5 offers for a spring internship, including 2 from the Big Four.  She also received an offer for a summer internship at HealthSouth Corporation in their Financial Reporting Department. “At first, I thought I could study business anywhere, but the more I looked into it, we (UAB) are literally a mile to a mile and a half away from a lot of big corporations that are headquartered in Birmingham,” says Meredith. “We have such great business community here, and other universities just don’t have that.”

 “Employers said they definitely noticed a difference in the quality of our student interviews with regard to their participation in the Accounting Internship Bootcamp,” says Sevante Metcalf, Internship Coordinator and Instructor.  “We look forward to having it again next year.”