MeetEmployers 200Students and employers had a chance to get acquainted at the annual Meet the Employers event held this year at the UAB Alumni House on August 28th, 5pm-7pm. Over 90 students attended the event to gain valuable face-time with 79 employer representatives from 23 firms, to explore the possible fit for a spring internship or full-time opportunity. Employers will be conducting on-campus interviews Sept. 3rd- 23rd, with first offer date on September 27th.  

Students were prepped for the event and the highly competitive internship season through the Ollie Powers Bootcamp, an annual event that includes employer representatives speaking to the students about how they can increase their employability in regard to internship and full-time positions.

If you are interested in hiring a UAB business student for an internship or full-time position, please contact UAB School of Business Career & Professional Development Services through email or phone (205) 934-9202.

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