EntrepreneurshipDr. Murphy with UAB entrepreneurship student and local entrepreneur at Innovation Depot.The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business will now give students the opportunity to specialize in entrepreneurship with a dedicated Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship degree program.

The addition affirms UAB’s commitment to educating the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt and excel in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The new undergraduate major will support a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Birmingham by providing students with hands-on experience and constant interactions with the local start-up community.

“We draw on and adapt concepts from world-leading resources, research, cases, and scholars, for maximum positive impact on our local entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Patrick J. Murphy, UAB’s inaugural Goodrich Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and director of Collat’s entrepreneurship program. “The student academic experience will thus be distinctively tailored to one’s personal interests as well as to the opportunities in our city and in Alabama. We are thinking globally but acting locally.”

The curriculum is specifically designed to model the limited boundaries between traditional business functions in entrepreneurial ventures, a unique feature of UAB’s program.

“Coordination across the functions is important to strategic entrepreneurial action and growth, so we intentionally organized entrepreneurship courses to span multiple business functions,” Murphy said. “Building on our business school's core curriculum, students will be acquainted with the standard functions of business, but they will also learn how to coordinate across those functions. It’s a unique aspect of our entrepreneurship program.”

Entrepreneurship competitionUAB students participating in the Blazer Hatchery and HackathonThe new major builds on existing hands-on learning opportunities such as the Anvil Student Start-up Bootcamp, the Blazer Hatchery and Hackathon, and UAB iCorps.

Many of today’s students are inspired by the idea of taking action as entrepreneurs, Murphy said, but they don't know where to start. UAB’s entrepreneurship courses mimic the team-based, all-hands-on-deck environment of start-ups while working directly with local entrepreneurs on project-based assignments.

“Working with or for another entrepreneur is an effective way for them to move in the direction of being an entrepreneur themselves,” Murphy said. “UAB's urban identity gives us a powerful advantage when it comes to educating these particular students, because we have hundreds of entrepreneurs who need support just outside our doors.

“Our entrepreneurship classes involve lots of intensive outreach activities with this population, which is good for our entrepreneurial ecosystem, but fantastic for our entrepreneurship students.”

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