mentorsThe Collat Management and Human Resource Advisory Council has established a new mentorship program for management and human resource management students to provide undergraduates meaningful, impactful connection with employers throughout their academic careers.

The Mentoring Program for Management and Human Resource Management Majors and Minors matches students with mentors based on academic, professional, and personal interests. Once students apply and are accepted into the program, they are matched with a mentor, meeting informally throughout each semester to develop interpersonal skills, learn about career paths and build a network for the future.

Advisory council members serve as mentors within the program. The advisory council, comprised of respected professionals within the management and human resource industries, works closely with the school to align program curriculum and extracurricular opportunities with the constantly changing business environment.

Mentors will serve as coaches and connectors, empowering students to grow their professional network and prepare for the next steps in their careers.

“The mentor-mentee partnership supports student development and can help guide students’ academic and career aspirations today and into the future,” said Scott Boyar, Ph.D., management professor and faculty advisor for the program.

The mentorship program creates opportunity for students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and interpersonal development, building the soft skills – workplace communication, corporate etiquette, and interview strategies – needed to excel in the workforce.

Students majoring or minoring in management or human resource management are encouraged to apply for the mentorship program. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more and apply, email Scott Boyar at