Jarvon Pope. 18Today’s workforce is anything but traditional. Collat graduates are using their diverse backgrounds and skills to pursue exciting careers after graduation.

Jarvon Pope graduated last month with a human resources management degree and now works as an HR coordinator with HMSHost, which operates airport restaurants around the globe. On the weekends he runs a creative photography business, Pope Photography.

Jarvon came to UAB with a general interest in business. He eventually narrowed his focus to human resource management

“I loved the many different functions of human resources and how a company’s greatest assets are their people,” Jaron says.

Jarvon chose to attend UAB because of its diversity and culture. UAB’s unique campus-in-a-city setting exposed Jarvon to innovative, growing businesses in Birmingham and helped him build a large network of personal and business connections. His network helped him land a two-year HR internship at Southern Research that allowed him to apply his classroom education to real-world situations.

His favorite experiences at the UAB Collat School of Business involve the school’s faculty and staff. “Professors Howard and Boyar were crucial educators throughout my time at UAB,” Jarvon says. “They were both meticulous, passionate and highly knowledgeable.”

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Jarvon also gained valuable leadership experience outside the classroom. He served as president of the UAB Chapter for the Society of Human Resource Management and executive director of the Leadership and Service Council (formerly known as UAB Lead).

Jarvon says he is excited to grow his career. He plans to take the Society of Human Resource Management’s Certified Professional exam next year and eventually pursue a master’s degree in human resource management. He would like to “transition into a highly strategic HR role where I can share my knowledge and expertise that I have gained over the years.”

What advice does he have for new business students? One word: internship! Jarvon says an internship is vital to landing a job after graduation, and he recommends student pursue more than one if possible.