Stars GettyImages 865644084The academic departments in the Collat School of Business recognize outstanding students and graduating seniors each spring with department awards. We are proud to announce the following recipients of the Spring 2020 Department Awards:

Department of Accounting & Finance (ACFN)


  • Accounting Outstanding Senior- LaKeisa Tinker
  • ASCPA Achievement in Accounting Award- Hannah Marcelino
  • FSA Outstanding Graduate Student in Accounting- Michael George
  • Accounting Young Alumnus of the Year- Danielle Brannock
  • Accounting Alumnus of the Year- Ryan Johnston


  • Finance Outstanding Senior- Thuy Tran
  • Finance Young Alumnus of the Year- Ryan Creel
  • Finance Alumnus of the Year- Lisa Gunderson

Department of Management, Information Systems & Quantitative Methods (MISQ)

  • Business Horizons Professional Award (IS)- Henry Lovoy
  • Business Horizons Professional Award (MG and HR)- Gerriann Fagan
  • Alumnus of the Year (MISQ)- Cliff Goolsby


  • Business Horizons Student Award:
    - Rachael M. ChIldress
    - Maura Harrison
    - Christina Johnson
    - Andrew T. Wallace
    - Meg E. Wilson

Human Resource Management

  • Business Horizons Student Award:
    - Diana Sarmiento Torres
    - Kelsey Callahan
    - Spenser Capps
    - Morgan Minor
    - Sarah Chandler

Information Systems

  • Business Horizons Student Award: 
    - David B. Sims

    - Jackson Posey
    - James Sauk
    - Ronald Ellis
    - Clay King


  • Graduate MIS Student of the Year- Leslie Burke

Department of Marketing, Industrial Distribution & Economics (MIDE)

  • Morris Michael "Mickey" Gee Sr. Servant Leadership Award- Sunna Savani
  • Jay A. Smith Jr. Outstanding Service Award in Industrial Distribution- Cameron Crane


  • Most Outstanding Student in Marketing- Caitlin Brown
  • Outstanding Future Alumna in Marketing- Maddie Everhardt
  • Academic Distinction Awards for Marketing:
    - Caitlin Brown

    - Casey Engelbrecht
    - Madeliene Everhardt
    - Dana Hodde
    - Fabia Hossain
    - Brittney Munro
    - Angelina Rizzuto
    - Benjamin Smith
    - Allison Warren

Industrial Distribution

  • Most Outstanding Student in Industrial Distribution- Alec M. Marsch
  • Outstanding Future Alumnus in Industrial Distribution- Gavin B. Green
  • Outstanding Alumnus in Industrial Distribution- Grant Gargus
  • Academic Distinction Awards For Industrial Distribution:
    - Jarred T. Abernathy

    - Allan Wyatt Armstrong
    - Bryce H. Black
    - Rebekah C. Cannon
    - Jessie W. Dickerson 

    - Elliora D. Dixon
    - Ryan M. Espy
    - Claire J. Kimbrough 

    - Holden H. Kincaid
    - Sara C. King
    - Shawn O. Lim
    - Alec M. Marsch
    - Jonathan O. Shirley
    - Cole R. Whitman
    - Chase R. Woodard


  • Most Outstanding Student in Economics- Sunna Savani and Sammy Shin (tie)
  • Outstanding Future Alumnus in Economics- Chris Lorimer
  • Academic Distinction Awards For Economics:
    - Christopher Lorimer

    - Brasher Paris
    - Sunna Savani
    - Sammy Shin