BAP members with Glen Iris StudentBeta Alpha Psi honorary members deliver bookbags to Glen Iris students at the start of the school year.The UAB Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) chapter partnered with Glen Iris Elementary School this month to provide 72 much-needed school supply kits to students.

Each kit was filled with pens, notepads, crayons and folders – everything a student needs to succeed throughout the year. Chapter officers said the project was intended to offset the high cost of school supplies for low-income families who cannot afford supplies, leading to learning disadvantages in and out of the classroom.

“I could not imagine how difficult it would be to show up for a class without the materials to take notes. It would put me behind and at a disadvantage,” said Charles Hyde, vice president of activities for BAP’s Delta Chi chapter. “COVID-19 and other outside forces have already put a lot of students behind, and we wanted to do our part to help them stay ahead.”

Each year, members of the honor society for accounting and finance students are challenged to give back as part of the Community Service Day, held on the first day of the international organization’s annual meeting. This year, students were challenged to provide school supplies to students at a Title 1 school.

Hyde worked closely with Glen Iris principal Tronci Southall-Mason to identify school supply needs and brainstorm ways to fund the project. With support from Beta Alpha Psi members and the Birmingham community, a GoFundMe campaign raised more than $1,400 to pay for the supply kits.

“After touring the school, it is easy to see that Principal Southall-Mason and her staff are doing their part to give their scholars every opportunity to succeed,” Hyde said. “We wanted to help them by providing the scholars the tools to do so.”

Accounting instructor and BAP faculty advisor Eddie Nabors said that partnering with Glen Iris Elementary allows his students to make a tangible difference in the future success of Birmingham schoolchildren.

“I am so proud of our students for making a difference in the education and lives of students at Glen Iris Elementary,” Nabors said. “Backpacks filled with the appropriate school supplies is an important part of the school experience for these children. We appreciate everyone who donated to the fund.”