SEF Top Sales Programs LogoThe Professional Sales Certificate Program in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business has again been recognized as a “Top University Sales Program” by the Sales Education Foundation for 2022. The recognition appears in the foundation’s 2022 Annual SEF magazine.

“The fact that the Center for Sales Leadership at UAB has once again been recognized as a Top Sales Program by the Sales Education Foundation is testament to all involved with the program — our students, our faculty and our corporate partners,” said John Hansen, Ph.D., professor of marketing in the UAB Collat School of Business and director of the school’s Center for Sales Leadership. “The close relationship we see across these three groups is just one of the things that makes our program distinctive.”

UAB’s Professional Sales Certification Program is one of the top 150 programs in the United States, according to SEF. The program focuses on business-to-business sales situations, providing students with a strong knowledge of how to be effective when selling in business markets. While sales careers are known for a high turnover rate, UAB sales students tend to stay with their employers longer because of the understanding of what it takes to be successful before beginning their sales careers.

Hansen said several factors make the Collat School of Business’s program stand out.

“All faculty members who teach within the program have relevant, real-world experience,” he said, “and we offer state-of-the art facilities through the new Collat School of Business building. Plus, we are located within the largest business center in Alabama, offering students significant opportunities for industry interaction.

“We thank the Sales Education Foundation for this recognition and look forward to the continued growth of the program,” Hansen said.