franks family portraitBlount County parents Woodrow and Margie Franks will watch the youngest of their six sons — who have all attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham — graduate this weekend. Each of the six Franks brothers has received an undergraduate degree from the university, spanning nearly two decades of studying at the campus.

Most business schools want their finance students to gain real-world experience. Not many give them half a million to do it.

LearningTheTradeFive hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, to be specific, is what students manage in UAB’s Green and Gold Fund investment portfolio. “It’s not Monopoly money or Yahoo Finance,” says Andreas Rauterkus, Ph.D., the fund’s faculty adviser and associate professor of accounting and finance in the Collat School of Business. “These are actual dollars, and quite a few of them.”

student entrepreneurs fix it and forget it solutionHere’s the problem, as Dr. Ashish Shah sees it: Every year, millions of Americans suffer bone fractures, the most common location being the ankle region known as the distal fibula. Orthopedic surgeons such as Shah, an assistant professor in the UAB School of Medicine, repair the damage using a piece of metal hardware. But that metal can cause inflammation, and it always requires a second surgery to pull it back out after the bone has healed.

greenleehandshakeGreenlee Textron, an industrial and electrical tool company headquartered in Illinois, has pledged the Collat School of Business $30,000 to further the Charles and Patsy Collat Industrial Distribution Program and provide students with academic scholarships.

Shelby BrownellShelby Brownell, marketing and industrial distribution double major, completed an internship with Intermark Group in summer 2015, which led to an offer of Junior Account Executive for Intermark’s interactive division, Alloy.

Malik PegeasAccounting student Malik Pegeas was recently accepted into the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop. Only 100 students nationwide were selected to attend.

Expo groupTwenty-five students in the class of 2016 cohort of the Collat School of Business Honors Program recently joined other UAB students to present the results of independent projects at UAB’s ninth annual Undergraduate Research Expo on April 15, 2016. The disciplines represented at the Expo included not only the business disciplines but also arts and humanities; biological and life sciences; health professions; international studies; physical and applied sciences; and service learning.

iLab students

“There’s a substantial amount of risk in starting a company.”

That’s the first thing that Kathleen Hamrick, director of the UAB Innovation Lab at Innovation Depot, tells applicants for the sought-after slots in the UAB iLab. This incubator-within-an-incubator, a joint venture between the UAB Collat School of Business and Innovation Depot, is designed to accelerate student startups. It also gives students an immersion in entrepreneurship.

Dean Dickerson2The Collat School of Business was recently awarded $2,500 towards the A. G. Gaston Endowed Memorial Scholarship at the 2016 A. G. Gaston Conference. The conference, hosted by Robert Dickerson, Jr. and Gaynelle Adams Jackson, celebrates the late A. G. Gaston, a Birmingham business owner and civil rights activist.