The University of Alabama at Birmingham bridges collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship with the opening of the $37.5 million state-of-the-art facility that houses the Collat School of Business and Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“This beautiful new building changes everything,” said Collat School of Business Dean Eric P. Jack. “This addition to UAB’s campus heralds a new era of leadership in business education that will help drive innovation at UAB and in Birmingham for many years to come.”

Success of businessmen and -women is featured in two pieces of artwork on display at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s newest facility, the Collat School of Business. Charles Collat and Ken Jackson display their passion for student success with two prominent pieces of artwork that are centerpieces to the entrance of the 108,000-square-foot business building.

“Inspiration comes from all corners of this new business building,” said Eric Jack, Ph.D., dean of the UAB Collat School of Business. “These two pieces of art are meant to bring a sense of camaraderie between students and alumni and the success they each will see.”

New Building Donor Preview Party 7-26-18

More than 160 people visited the new Collat School of Business and Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship building July 26 for a preview party celebrating the project’s major donors.

nonprofitProfessionals and students can advance their knowledge and understanding of nonprofit organization and leadership through the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s new Interprofessional Certificate for Nonprofit Leadership.

Michael Assoue 18

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, and Collat graduates are constantly learning new skills to be a step ahead in their growing careers. A willingness to learn and improve is vital for success – in every aspect of life.

Recent Collat finance graduate Michael Assoué considers himself a student of life.

patrick murphy streamCollaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial synergy remain top-of-mind for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D., has been tapped as the inaugural Goodrich Endowed Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Collat School of Business.

Jarvon Pope. 18Today’s workforce is anything but traditional. Collat graduates are using their diverse backgrounds and skills to pursue exciting careers after graduation.

Jarvon Pope graduated last month with a human resources management degree and now works as an HR coordinator with HMSHost, which operates airport restaurants around the globe. On the weekends he runs a creative photography business, Pope Photography.

gunsOn average, 36 firearm-related homicides occur every day and an additional 60 individuals die from firearm-related suicides, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that purchase delay reduces firearm-related suicides between 2 and 5 percent.

“Self-inflicted gunshots kill more Americans every day,” said Griffin Edwards, Ph.D., lead author of the paper and professor in the UAB Collat School of Business. “We wanted to look at ways to reduce these common and oftentimes more costly sources of firearm-related deaths. Our study looks at delaying the purchase of a handgun in correlation with the reduction of firearm-related suicide rates.”

international agreement streamA new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham uncovers the critical influence of formal and informal agreements on buyer-supplier opportunism in the marketplace, as well as the need for a moderating government to support businesses in agreements.

“Without agreements in place, buyers and suppliers find ways to take advantage of vulnerable opportunities, or opportunism,” said Simon Sheng, Ph.D., professor in the UAB Collat School of Business. “Our study looks at how different cultures effectively use formal and informal agreements to influence how business is conducted in the marketplace and how the government supports or alters the way business partnerships are managed.”