The accounting field is increasingly requiring more technical accounting knowledge and emerging skills such as data analytics and cybersecurity. To enhance the overall educational experience of high ability learners, the UAB Collat School of Business designed an accelerated path to completion of a Master of Accounting degree through the ABM Program.

The ABM program allows students to prepare for a challenging career in the accounting profession by essentially completing a five-year master’s program as part of their original career plans. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Accounting degree in an accelerated time-period with lower costs compared to the independent completion of these two degrees, while they study, work, and learn with similar high caliber students much like they would in an Honors program.

Admissions Requirements

  • An average GPA of 3.5 in all courses
  • A minimum of 60 credit hours (36 of these credit hours must be taken at UAB)
  • Approval from undergraduate academic advisor and graduate program coordinator

Students should also talk with a financial aid/scholarship advisor to determine the impact of ABM on their scholarships and/or aid awarded.

Maintaining Status in ABM

To maintain status in ABM, students must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Receive a B (or higher) in all courses taken while still an undergraduate student
  • Maintain full-time student status at UAB
    (The Accounting and Finance Department will waive the requirement for terms when an internship causes a drop below the full-time student hour requirement.)

Students will be withdrawn from the ABM program if they fail to meet these requirements but will retain credit for the courses already taken in the program.

Once the student has completed all courses required for their undergraduate degree, they will continue in the Master of Accounting program and must maintain the requirements of that program. Tuition is then charged at the graduate rate.


To accelerate progress through the Master of Accounting degree, a limited number of courses (up to 12 credit hours) may be counted toward the completion of both the bachelor’s degree and the Master of Accounting degree. The student’s undergraduate academic advisor must approve the selected courses.

Courses allowed for credit sharing:

  • AC 514 Governmental and NFP Accounting (requires approval of program director)
  • AC 523 External Auditing (requires approval of program director)
  • AC 530 Financial Accounting III (prerequisite - AC 310)
  • AC 557 Business Law for Accountants (requires approval of program director)
  • AC 573 Fraud Examination (prerequisite - AC 423/523)
  • AC 580 Advanced Accounting (prerequisite - AC 430/530)
  • AC 600 Accounting Research (prerequisite - AC 430/530)
  • AC 612 Governance and the Business Environment (prerequisite - AC 401)