UAB Collat Business students gain valuable real-world experience to complement their academic background and put them ahead of their competition.

Career and Professional Development Services

Professional career counseling, coaching, and consultation are provided through the UAB Collat Career Services office. Students receive assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies. Information is provided on the job market, career options, salary, and graduate school. Students and employers are brought together through career fairs, on campus interviews, resume referrals, and numerous networking events throughout the year.  more info

Collat Business Honors Program

Students receive enhanced credentials and outstanding opportunities in career development and networking through a specially designed curriculum focused on leadership, strategy, and business ethics.  Current and former CEOs and senior executives from prominent companies participate in the program by visiting the school to discuss corporate strategy with students.   more info

Community Service

Whether offering free tax preparation services to the Birmingham community, partnering with local businesses to help them develop management and marketing strategies, or teaching business principles to elementary or middle and high school students, the chance for students to serve as community leaders and network within their industries of choice boosts their already notable classroom experience. more info

Education Abroad

The business school has international initiatives in China, Italy, and Denmark.  Students enjoy the opportunity to study international business, another language, and participate in cultural activities. more info

Green & Gold Fund

The UAB Green and Gold Fund, a student-managed investment portfolio venture sponsored by the UAB Finance Department, has over $525,000 in assets and provides students with valuable real-world experience through an exciting, hands-on learning opportunity. more info


Through our internship programs, students gain valuable hands-on experience and skills, make important personal contacts within their field of interest, and receive academic credit. Numerous internships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Internships often lead to full time positions for students upon graduation. more info

Job Shadowing

A job shadowing experience provides the individual with the opportunity to observe a worker on the job in the course of his or her actual workday. The worker agrees to be shadowed or followed by a student who is interested in learning more about his or her particular line of work. The student accompanies the worker in the performance of his or her routine tasks and gathers valuable real world information about the field, the particular occupation, and the job setting. Because information gathered under these on-site circumstances tends to be accurate and authentic, the student is able to get a true "feel" of the profession. 


A mentorship is a relationship set up between two individuals: a mentor and a protégé.  The mentor is an individual who is actively involved in a professional pursuit.  A protégé is an individual who meets with the mentor on an occasional basis to obtain firsthand advice. As a protégé, you can gather helpful information directly from someone in your field of interest.

Student Organizations

Numerous on-campus student groups and professional organizations in the Birmingham area offer students a chance to get involved in their area of interest and network with others. more info