tutoring lab CollatCollat Tutoring Lab is located on the first floor, beside The Commons. Enter through the Welcome Center.The Collat Tutorial Lab is an academic assistance center designed to provide free services that support class instruction and enhance the overall academic experience of our students by providing a respectful, safe, educational environment for learning.

Subjects Available

  • Accounting (200, 201)
  • Business (110)
  • Economics (210, 211)
  • Finance (310)
  • Math (105)
  • Quantitative Analysis (214, 215)

Frequently Asked Questions About Collat Tutoring Lab

Summer Term Tutoring

Tutoring sessions will not take place in the Tuturing Lab over the summer months. Students may access the Business Lab at Home and the TutorMe program online.

One-On-One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is by appointment only. You can choose from both on-campus (with social distancing in place) and virtual sessions. See course listings below for associated scheduling link. If you experience any problems scheduling a tutoring appointment, email Collat Tutoring Lab. One-on-one tutoring is offered for the following courses: AC 200, AC 201, BUS 110, EC 210, EC 211, MA102 and MA 105.

AC 200, AC 201, QM 214 and QM 215

Schedule an appointment using the Google Doc linked below. After submitting, a lead tutor will reach out to you and set up the meeting.

BUS 110, EC 210, EC 211, MA 102 and MA 105

Schedule an appointment using the link below. Select Collat Tutoring for the College/Department, choose desired subject to view availability of tutors. After submitting, you will receive an email and reminder of your appointment.  

Group Tutoring 

Goup tutoring sessions are open to all Collat students and do not require pre-registration. Use the link below to join scheduled sessions.  

BUS 110

Join us on Mondays from 4pm-5pm for a BUS 110 group tutoring session on Zoom.

Online Tutoring Resources

TutorMe, an online platform that provides on-demand tutoring up to 3 hours per week and a 1-hour cap on each session is available to all UAB Students. Learm more about TutorMe. Online tutoring resourcs can be accessed 24/7 through TutorMe and Business Lab at Home. Several business subjects are covered including QM214 and QM215.

Additional Tutoring Services on Campus


Collat School of Business
CSB 155D 
(205) 934-8814