How much do tutoring sessions cost?
No cost. Tutoring is free for UAB Collat Business students

Who are the tutors?
The tutors are all upper-level business students who excelled the courses offered for tutoring and are highly regarded by professors.

Can the tutors help me with my homework?
Tutors will not help you do your homework, but they can assist you if you have specific questions.
Can I go to the lab even if I don’t need tutoring?
Yes. The tutoring lab also offers a quiet study space for students.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for a tutoring session?
No. students needing help can come in at any time during operating hours for assistance.

What do I need to bring to a tutoring session?
In order for tutoring sessions to be effective, students are asked to bring the following items: calculator, textbook, pen/pencil, and paper.  Additionally, students should have attempted any homework and come with specific questions.

How long can I stay for tutoring?
Students are welcome to stay as long as they need to. 

Can I eat while in the tutoring lab?
No. In order to maintain a professional learning environment, students are not permitted to eat or drink in the lab.

Can the tutors help me with my homework?
No. Tutors are not allowed to help students with homework; however, the Tutoring Lab has supplemental course work which allows tutors to fully explain concepts and work problems.

How do I contact the tutoring lab?
Email address:
Can I get online tutoring as well?
Sure! Our Skype address is collattutorlab.  Send us an email and we can schedule a Skype session with you.