UAB’s Industrial Distribution (ID) Program offers an ID concentration in Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution.  The curriculum prepares graduates for careers with manufacturers (e.g., Johnson and Johnson) and distributors (e.g., Cardinal Health) of medical and health care products, both equipment and supplies. The curriculum includes health industry appropriate classes such as biology, chemistry, medical terminology, anatomy, and some health care administration classes. These complement Marketing & Industrial Distribution’s unique and comprehensive business and industrial distribution curriculum.


Demand growth for health care products (goods and services) is being driven by global demographics. The greatest driver of economic development in the US healthcare industry is the aging U.S. “Baby Boomer” population. The number of persons 65 or older totaled 25.5 million in 1980 and grew 40 percent to 35.3 million by 2000. By 2030, that number will double to 70 million.

Target industry

The Industrial Distribution Program supplies workers for the supply chain that serves the direct providers of health care services with equipment and supplies (e.g., monitoring equipment, pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, supplies and others). The ID Program produces entry and management level graduates in marketing management, sales, logistics and operations with industry-specific knowledge and skills needed by medical supply chain firms.

Major Requirements for Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution