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Request Publicity for News and Events

Collat news and events can be publicized through a variety of free channels including social media, school e-news, school website, daily e-news, Greenmail, UAB Reporter, Collat calendar, lobby monitor and targeted emails. Publicity placement is based on school priority and relevance to audience.

To request publicity through these channels, complete and submit the form below.

Timeline for publishing after submitting form: Two weeks for news and six weeks after the initial planning meeting for events and projects. If you have a budget for your event that allows additional publicity, contact Julie Senter at to schedule a planning meeting.

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Michael Harward, UAB MBA '14 shares his story

With an engineering degree from Duke University, Michael was interested in an MBA to help refine and develop skills that would allow him to “pursue his interest in helping an organization develop a vision and think through how to get there”.

michaelharward 315

Living in Birmingham with his wife, who was already pursuing another master's program, practically guaranteed him at least a couple of years in the Magic City. He began evaluating different options. “I decided that pursuing an MBA in person (rather than an online program) would provide a much more valuable experience,” says Michael. “Also, UAB's superior academic reputation as compared to other local peers drew me to UAB’s MBA program.”

Michael was connected to his current employer, SCA (Surgical Care Affiliates), through the MBA program and now after only 1.5 years is in a leadership position within the Financial Operations department. “The MBA program prepared me to engage with senior leadership within the company, create innovative solutions that contribute to our group's strategy, and manage my team effectively,” says Michael. “Also, I feel capable of thriving within a large company or leading as a part of a start-up. My ability to evaluate the soundness of a business plan or idea separates me from many of my peers.”

How was Michael’s experience in UAB’s MBA program?

“The program does an extraordinary job connecting students to the current business environment,” says Michael. “The latest trends, developments, and events of today's business world were almost constantly discussed in the classroom. Plus, the program provided excellent networking opportunities.”

Foundations of Quantitative Analysis

Admission to the UAB MBA Program requires that students have completed the equivalent of a pre-calculus course with a grade of "C" or better within the past five years.  If an applicant does not meet this requirement, they may be admitted with the contingency of satisfying the requirement during their first term of enrollment. We offer several options for satisfying this requirement.

Option one: Complete MA 105 "Pre-calculus Algebra" at UAB with a grade of "C" or better or complete a comparable course at another college or university and complete the course with at least a "C" grade.  A placement test or other prerequisites may be required for admission to MA 105.  You can call 934-2154 or visit the UAB Department of Mathematics ( ) for more information about taking MA 105 at UAB.

Option two
: Successfully complete the pre-calculus proficiency exam.  Currently enrolled students can take the exam at no cost online via Canvas. Students needing assistance in preparing for the test can use the material provided on Canvas in the Foundations of Quantitative Analysis Course shell. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (205) 934-8815

Innovation BC 250x250

UAB's Innovation Boot Camp is an exciting new opportunity for local executives to learn a process for building and fostering innovation that can be applied to products, services and business design. Innovation is vital to every type of organization, and it can be learned!

Thank you for choosing UAB's Collat School of Business for your graduate education!  

Links below provide information that you may find relevant while achieving your graduate degree from UAB's Collat School of Business:

The calendar below is for Colllat's A and B Terms only. See the UAB Academic Calendar for important deadlines for UAB's full spring and fall Terms.

Currently Collat School of Business is the only school at UAB offering classes in a 7 week format, A and B terms, during the fall and spring. Due to the confusion that it may cause other UAB students, the academic calendar for those terms is found here on Collat's website only.  

Spring 2015 A Term       B Term    
tuition prepayment 50% Dec 30 Dec 30 
classes begin Jan 5 Mar 2
last day to drop  Jan 8 Mar 5
spring break (B term)   Mar 23-27
last day to withdraw  Jan 30  Apr 3
tuition payment final Feb 16 Feb 16 
classes/finals end Feb 21 Apr 24
finals Feb 21 Apr 24
grades due Feb 26 Apr 27
grades available online Feb 26 Apr 29

Fall 2015  A Term       B Term 
tuition prepayment 50%    
classes begin Aug 24 Oct 19
last day to drop  Aug 27 Oct 22
fall break (B term)   Nov 23-27
last day to withdraw  Sept 18 Nov 13
tuition payment final    
classes/finals end Oct 10 Dec 11
finals Oct 10 Dec 12
grades due Oct 15 Dec 14
grades available online Oct 15 Dec 16

Spring 2016  A Term       B Term 
tuition prepayment 50%    
classes begin Jan 4 Feb 29
last day to drop  Jan 7 Mar 3
spring break (B term)   Mar 21-25
last day to withdraw  Jan 29 Apr 1
tuition payment final    
classes/finals end Feb 20 Apr 22
finals Feb 20 Apr 22
grades due Feb 25 Apr 25
grades available online Feb 26 Apr 27