YoderDemonstrating successful collaboration between business and medicine, UAB School of Business professor Stephen A. Yoder, J.D. recently spoke to the Training Academy of the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science on "How Leaders Encourage Creativity."

Yoder told attendees at the February 8 presentation that leaders should answer three questions in order to foster more creativity among their employees and others they lead:

  1. What are the in-born personal preferences related to creativity of the individuals involved?
  2. What are the steps in the creative process and how can the personal preferences be used to enhance the process?
  3. What leadership styles can a leader use to make a creative environment?

The mission of CCTS is to accelerate the pace of moving fundamental scientific discoveries into practical applications that enhance health.  A key component of CCTS is its Training Academy, in which rising UAB researchers from the School of Medicine and a variety of other disciplines learn scientific and other professional skills directed toward the CCTS mission. Funding for CCTS is provided by the National Institutes of Health National Center for Research Resources.

Yoder noted that encouraging creativity is increasingly being viewed as a key ingredient in effective leadership, across all industries.   "The purpose of creativity is to translate something that is novel into something that is useful, and that is exactly the mission of CCTS," said Yoder.

Yoder directs the School of Business Honors Program, a selective program for undergraduates that is focused on business leadership. He also will be teaching a course on leadership this summer to MBA students at the School of Business.