Kevin M.

Trainee, CAPPI

Research Lab:
Dr. Isabel Scarinci

Kevin Madden is a graduate student in the Medical/Clinical Psychology doctoral program working in Dr. Isabel Scarinci’s lab. Kevin attended Northern Arizona University and received his Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences in 2017 and his Master of Arts in Psychological Sciences in 2021. His master’s thesis was titled: “Knowledge, Use, and Susceptibility of Disposable Pod Devices and Heated Tobacco Products in Younger Adults.” Broadly speaking, his research interests fall in the domain of health psychology. Specifically, Kevin is interested in health disparities across populations with a particular emphasis on underserved populations. In this regard, Kevin is interested in substance use, access to health resources, and adherence to health behaviors. From an applied clinical perspective, Kevin’s research interests include the construct of meaning and how meaning-making plays a role in the management of aversive situations including addiction and chronic pain.