Morgan Z.

Trainee, CAPPI

Research Lab:
Dr. Jeremy Day

Morgan is a PhD in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UAB who is interested in neural reward circuits and addiction. She recently completed her PhD studies in Dr. Jeremy Day’s Lab as a graduate student in the Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology theme, and will rejoin his lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow in January of 2022. Before coming to UAB, Morgan graduated from the Honors College at the College of Charleston in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology and an interdisciplinary minor in Neuroscience.

Morgan’s research combines in vivo optogenetic, electrophysiological, and behavioral assays with in vitro pharmacology and molecular approaches to focus on how drug experience alters transcriptional dynamics and neural physiology in brain reward circuits, and how these changes give rise to behavioral adaptations to drugs of abuse in rodent model systems. She is also interested in characterizing the transcriptional, neurochemical, physiological, and behavioral responses to polydrug abuse, and using data generated by model systems to better inform and develop novel treatments for this unique patient population. 

Clinically, Morgan is interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine as an interventional psychiatrist specializing in addiction. She is also passionate about diversity and inclusivity in STEM and mentoring the next generation of clinicians and scientists.