Department of Foreign Language & Literatures

Dr. John Maddox teaches various levels of Spanish language and Latin American literature at UAB.

He has been active with the Afro-Hispanic Review since 2010, and is a member of its editorial board. He is a peer reviewer for Hispania and a special issue of the Vanderbilt E-Journal of Luso-Hispanic Literature.

His forthcoming book argues that, for the first time, a predominantly black group of novelists from throughout the Americas is writing a history of New World slavery that transcends national histories and uses oral and written sources of authority of Western, African, and African-American origin. It focuses on two of this subgenre’s most representative sagas: Afro-Colombian Manuel Zapata Olivella’s Changó, el gran putas (1983) and Afro-Brazilian Ana Maria Gonçalves’s Um defeito de cor (2006).

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