Detail from the cover of Introductory Cultural Anthropology. Introductory Cultural Anthropology: An Interactive Approach (Digital Text Supplement, National Social Science Press, 2010)
By Loretta A. Cormier & Sharyn R. Jones

This book incorporates interactive videos, imagery, and hyperlinks to web-based materials. It was developed for use in the authors' Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 101) classes at UAB, and is available for purchase by downloading online. Proceeds from royalties from the book and it's supplemental reader will be donated to a scholarship fund to support anthropology undergraduates at UAB.

Cover of Introductory Cultural Anthropology. The textbook has a second book that was designed to supplement it with a broad array of theoretical and ethnographic essays and articles in the discipline. Humankind: An Introductory Reader for Cultural Anthropology (2010) was published by Cognella. The authors selected papers that are engaging and relevant, yet accessible for undergraduates in introductory-level cultural anthropology courses.

The reader represents a diverse range of cultural contexts and includes papers that speak to important contemporary debates in anthropology. The section and chapter themes are consistent with those typically covered in Introductory Cultural Anthropology courses, including issues of anthropology's subject, religious and symbolic behaviors, language, social identity, kinship, family, and economics. It also includes a section exploring the future of culture, culture survival and change, and the ethical responsibilities of anthropologists to the people we study.