Part of the cover of Graveline. Graveline: A Late Woodland Platform Mound on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 2015)
Edited by Lauren E. Downs and John H. Blitz.

This volume reports the results of the Graveline Archaeological Project, an investigation of the Graveline Mound site (22JA503), a Late Woodland period (A.D. 590-780) sand platform mound in Jackson County, Mississippi.

The cover of Graveline, featuring a decorated pottery shard found at the mound site. Graveline Mound is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, owned by The Archaeological Conservancy, and protected by the City of Gautier. Graveline is the only platform mound in the region known to date to the early Late Woodland period, a time when sedentary settlements were forming in the lower Southeast. This volume combines field investigations with geophysical subsurface surveys, and floral, faunal, and ceramic residue analyses for a detailed investigation of the history, construction, and use of Graveline Mound.Save