David GilchristThroughout my time as an undergraduate at U.A.B. I developed a passion for cultural anthropology, specifically those aspects of the discipline concerned with human rights. Luckily the implementation of the new graduate program in Peace and Human Rights coincided with my graduation and I was able to transition directly from undergrad into the new masters program. I am interested in studying issues concerning social justice as it relates to environmental pollution and the relationship between socioeconomic status and potential health issues created as a result of exposure to environmental pollutants in the Birmingham area. I also have significant interest in medical anthropology, specifically the historical use of plant medicine by indigenous cultures within the Amazon river basin and the issues facing such knowledge as the trend of globalization and its negative effects on the rain forest continues to mount. I look forward to beginning research in these areas and working towards successful completion of my graduate degree so as to pursue a future doctorate within the bounds of peace and human rights.

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